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Dark Magic City (A Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan-comic)

(Please excuse the mess, it has been nearly a year since I've touched HTML or CSS)

Chapter 1, Page 1

Jul 11, 2021

Hello, and welcome to Dark Magic City, a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan-comic! Right now the site is sort of a mess and I haven't come up with a pen name yet, but I'm on summer break right now so hopefully I'll be able to pretty up the site and add some new pages soon as well! This post will no doubt seem woefully outdated to future readers, but if there are future readers, then I'm grateful that they exist in the first place. I don't have much else to say right now, but I hope this comic doesn't end up on indefinite hiatus after the first page. - dmc_comic_anon

Omae wa mou shindeiru